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ZouksTV caught up with Andre Fletcher after the Zouks last match to get his thoughts on the tournament. This film was before he knew he was in the CPLT2013 Team of the TournamentAndy Roberts spoke to the press after the match today. He even managed to laugh about Darren Sammy's wicketkeeping catch.Looking for Zoukers in the middle of Sabina Park is difficult but not impossible - especially if we could sway a couple of Tallawahs to support us this morning. Captain Zouktastic - just for you Zoukers - Share the love.Our Favourite Banglasdeshi Tamim Iqbal has a message fo r all of you Zoukers out there here on ZouksTVZouksTV caught up with Zouk Wicket taker Garey Mathurin and he gave us this for you.ZouksTV exclusive. Liam Sebastien on how much the Zouks love your Zouking support.A message for you from Kavem Hodge, the Young ZoukMan of the Match against the Hawksbills, and he has a message for all you Zoukers. Have a listen.The Zouk at the top - Captain Darren Sammy has an exclusive message for you Zoukers, and so without further delay here it is.ZouksTV were there to see who was going to the match and who they were supporting - we found lots of ZoukersTamim has a message for you Zoukers - and we are delivering it for him here on ZouksTVShane Shillingford gave us his call out to the Zoukers yesterday at practice and we are giving it to you now.Windward Islands own Liam sebastien talks to ZouksTV on how important the support from the Zoukers is.Kenroy Peters on tonight's game. Give him a listen here Zoukers on ZouksTVGarey always has a lot to say, and here is what he wants you to hear, courtesy of ZouksTVZouksTV caught up with opener Andre Fletcher and he had a message for the Zouk FaithfulZouksTV were at training ahead of tonights big match and we spoke with Nelon - here is the message for you ZoukersZouksTV were at the Sir Viv after the match to hear what the captains and others thought of the game. Here is our report.After the post match press conference Captain Zouktastic Darren Sammy gave ZouksTV this exclusive message to all of you ZouksZouksTV were at the Sir Viv stadium before the big clash tonight to see if the Hawksbills fans measured up to the Zoukers. We should have known - they are not even in the same game. Have a look.Zouktatic Darren Sammy and Andre Russell from th eTalawahs were at the post match press conference to give us some insight to how the two teams saw the match. ZouksTV were there for you.ZouksTV were outside the BCG again tonight to speak with the fans before the clash with the Tallawahs - GO ZOUKS!!!Captain Zouktastic adresses the Zouk masses.Nicloe Samuel was the winner of the CPL Meet Your Team competition, and yesterday she got to meet the Zouks at Beausejour. Of course ZouksTV was there for you.An Eid message from Tamim Iqbal in Bangla.Tamim Iqbal has an Eid message for you in EnglishZouksTV were at the post match press conference to hear the thoughts of The Zoukmeister, Andy Roberts.Zoukerstar Misbah ul Haq gave ZouksTV an exclusive message for Eid.Zoukerstar Misbah ul Haq gave ZouksTV an opportunity to share his Eid message to our Urdu speaking fans.ZouksTV were out at Beausejour to capture the mood of the crowd ahead of the return match with Barbados tonight.Captain Zouktastic himself has a message for all of you Zoukers - and he gave it to Zouks TV to give to you. The Zouks had a little get together for the Sponsors and press last night at Cap Maison. Guests included Ajaml Khan - the founder of the CPL and some of the partners in ISH the Zouks owners.ZouksTV was at the post match analysis to hear what Zouks Assistant Coach Matthew Maynard and Hawksbills Captain Marlon Samuels had to say.ZouksTV Exclusive - The St Lucian minister of Sports, the Hon. Shawn Edward ahead of the first match at Beausejour.ZouksTV were at Beausejour ahead of the first Zouks home match to get the fans thoughts. The enigmatic captain of the Zouks, Darren Sammy, spoke to ZouksTV about Zoukifying the Warriors and on Zoukerising the hawksbills tonight.The Zouks invited the press over this morning along with Sir Viv and Marlon Samuels from the Hawksbills. Here is a brief look at what was said.Darren Sammy - Captain Zouktastic, is urging all you Zoukers to get your tickets today, so you are guaranteed of being at Beausejour for all the Zouk action. Have you got your tickets for this weeks cricket? No? You had better be as quick as a Tino Best delivery as they are selling out fast.ZouksTV spent some time at the Crescendo Jazz Bar in Rodney Bay, and learned the finer points of making the Zouktail.ZouksTV took to the streets of Castries this morning to see what Zouks fans thought tonight would hold.Always ready with a smile and a story, Power Zouker Tino Best gives ZouksTv a dose of the Best medicine.ZouksTV got the Zouks opener to open up about Zouks matters, his cricketing family and more.Zouk youngster Kavem Hodge gives us some insight to playing with the Zouk legends and how much fun it is to be a Zouk.Zoukman Garey Mathurin spent some time with ZouksTV at training this week. Here is what he had to say on all things Zouk.ZouksTV were at the Warriors training session ahead of their clash with the Jamaica Tallawahs in Guyana.The Tallawahs had a training run ahead of their clash with the Amazon Warriors at Providence Stadium.Roger Harper spoke to ZouksTV about the CPL, the Amazon Warriors Squad and cricket in the region. ZouksTV were at the press conference after the Guyana Amazon Warriors and Trinidad Red Steel so you can keep up with all the latest CPLT20 news.ZouksTV were at the post match analysis at the Kensington Oval after the opening match of the CPLT20ZouksTV went out on the street before the game to see who was there and who they were supporting. ZouksTV got the lowdown on the Tridents from the Boss Man himself - Windies Legend Desmond Haynes. ZouksTV visited the Kensington Oval last night to see what the Tridents were up to. ZouksTV caught the Zoukers hard at it in training at Kensington Oval in BarbadosWe caught up with Tamim Iqbal at the training session before the big clash with the Barbados Tridents to open the 2013 Limacol CPL T20ZouksTV caught up with Herschelle at Kensington Oval on the eve of the inaugural Limacol CPL T 20 fixture.Dominican SuperZouk Shane Shillingford gives us his thoughts ahead of the Barbados clash.Barry is supposed to be impartial, but We get a sense he is a closet Zouker. THe Zouks captain lets us in on the Zouks on field signs and the latest Zouks words.Captain Zouktastic gives us the lowdown on the St Lucia Zouks squad for this years CPLZouksTV caught up with Sir Lancealot, the artist who sings the Zouks theme song 'Zouks on fire'. We caught up with him in the recording studio.The Zouks faced an invitational 11 at Beausejour Stadium as they prepare for the 2013 CPL.ZouksTV tagged along when the Zouks team went for a publicity shoot in a studio in Rodney Bay, St. LuciaSt. Lucia Zouks are joined by the Pakistan Captain. ZouksTV caught up with him at training.ZouksTV asked Andy Roberts, Zouks Coach, about the CPL, the team and the late inclusion of Misbah-ul-HaqSt. Lucia comes alive every July with the Carnival, and ZouksTV were there to capture all the excitement of the parades.ZouksTV caught up with the minister for Tourism in St. Lucia, and he gave us an insight into how tourism feeds the country's economy. ZouksTV spoke with the St. Lucia Minister for Tourism about the cohesion that cricket brings to the West Indies as the inaugural CPL is about to start. The St Lucia Zouks had the press over for a chat, and ZouksTV were there too. Here is what we learned.ZouksTV came across this truing session for the village cricket team with a difference. A taped ball and the road suffices for practice as ther is no pitch in the village.Alex Prospre gives us some insight to Soufriere and the surrounding areas. This local legend knows his stuff.When you are in need of refreshment and you are at the Castries Market, look up Aldrick from Nature's Way Smoothies and he will whip you up a little bit of Caribbean magic.ZouksTV wnet to the Castries market and how could we miss Florita and her spice stall, although we are not sure all of her claims are true.Mr G is a craftsman who plys his trade in the Castries Central market. ZouksTV caught up with him at his stall.